It has been a period of great creativity for me during the last month or so.


The first big thing is my newest CD release, "Reflections".  I spent two weeks on my piano at home, thinking up ways to create original piano solos of the 12 chosen tunes for the CD.  In the end, I'm really pleased with how they turned out.  With the exception of "Brahms Lullaby" (which was a transcription I found by a 19th century pianist, and I played it as he wrote it), the CD is entirely my own arrangements, and none of them were written out - I improvised them at the keyboard.  Several tracks were recorded in a single, un-edited take!  Anyone who's a musician out there knows the thrill we get when that happens, which is quite rare (so much of what we record is edited, and edited, and edited some more).  I could have changed some of those tracks (I won't tell you which ones they are!), but I wanted it to be as true and as real as I dared to make it.

An artistic rendering of Mark Payne's piano, edited in Photoshop.

The second 'bout' of creativity just finished this week.  David Rogers and I have completed the writing of our first full, original musical together, "Little Miss County Fair".  I mean, my work at the VPP and as  a pianist/singer/performer is always creative and rewarding, but most of the shows are my arrangements of other people's songs.  Writing original music to David's lyrics has enabled a creativity that i haven't really explored that much before, and this has been FUN!  I think we've created an awesome show - I hope you come to the VPP in August to see it!




Stay tuned for more news - I'll try and update this page more than I usually update my websites...check back soon!